The Art of John Brady – An Irish Artist Producing Abstract and Landscape Art

The first 25 years of John Brady’s contribution to the art world was in the capacity of a Graphic Designer. In the early days of computers, as an Apple/Mac technology enthusiast, John, designed anything creative that came his way: marketing pieces for local businesses, corporate identity branding, logo designs– he was even commissioned to design the emblem for Bill Gates’ commemoration of Microsoft’s 10-year anniversary in Ireland. A remarkable achievement in itself, however his crowning glory and his more ever-lasting legacy takes place in the next 25 years of his life. As an artist! And not only that, but an educator of art, as his website reveals.

For anyone lacking the imagination to know what kind of art to buy, or where to hang it once you’ve bought it, Dublin-born artist John Brady has created a website that might be entitled, ‘ How to Become an Art Connoisseur.’ The site shows photographs of his art displayed in every room in his villa. Using every available inch of wall space, paintings are hung in every niche, every hallway, every nook and cranny. His entire residence has become a showcase for his art. As if that weren’t enough, John includes on his website, a step-by-step video showing how he paints one of his favorite subjects, a field of poppies. Starting with a white canvas, and using nothing but palette knives, John applies paint directly from the tubes. Wielding his knives like a slight of hand magician, with a few deft strokes a sky emerges, a few more dabs of color and a field of poppy plants appear. Then, the coup de grace as John twirls in the barest essentials of crimson red poppy leaves petal by petal. Never one to overwork his canvasses, what details John omits from his poppy fields landscape, the viewer’s imagination fills in. John Brady’s works are so predominant and energizing that instead of people buying them as paintings to match their decor – the paintings are the decor! And rooms are decorated and centered around the artwork. In fact, some paintings are dynamic enough to set the theme for an entire residence. Many of his works appear to divide the canvas diagonally one section in contrasting opposition to the other. Ethereally, his paintings have the essence of the yin and the yang, the spiritual versus the material. Symbolically, one section plays against the other as if they were the tectonic plates of the earth’s crust advancing towards each other, volatile with the potential of massive amounts of energy. It is this maneuver of spatial energies that give his art the power.

Vibrant landscapes, vivid florals, brilliant abstract studies of nature– all with such dynamic movement, they’re about to explode off the canvas. ” When I finish a piece,” says John, ” I know that it will brighten the most mundane wall.” He is a deeply spiritual being and seeks to enlighten people with his art. As he explains, ” I feel dramatic colour can lift your senses and energize your mind, and stimulating the senses is what I try to achieve.”

In the true spirit of the disciplined Italian masters Caravaggio, Raphael, Michelangelo and daVinci; and the freedom of expression of the Impressionists Monet, Constable and Van Gogh– who were all “teachers” of this fine student– very few artists have the ability to excite the senses to this extent with just the power of the paint and brush. John Brady is one of them.

You can visit Johns website at

Bring Home the Joy of Illumination With Kichler Lighting

A house, even with an excellent decor, is considered incomplete without a proper lighting system. Whether naturally or artificially lit, a well lit house creates an ambiance conducive to happiness and peace. A well designed house, with huge windows strategically placed, provides ample natural light. But, it is the quest for the right indoor lighting that raises many questions and doubts. Kichler Lighting, with its wide range of indoor products, eliminates all worries regarding selection of light and its fixture.


Kichler, a company manufacturing decorative lights and fixtures since 1938, is committed to excellence and consumer satisfaction. What sets its product above others is the quality of its products and the loyalty towards its customers. That is why Kichler has earned the ARTS Manufacturer Award for four times. The quality and performance of this company’s products is impeccable. Innovation, to increase the range of products, without any compromise to the quality, is the trade mark of Kichler.


1. Manufactured keeping in mind the varied needs and requirements of the ultimate users, all the products boast the latest trend, exclusive style, superb designs and beautiful colors.
2. The product range comes in varied sizes and includes different styles like classical, transitional, periodical and also the simple functional style.
3. The lighting fixtures guarantee a good fit and are available in various finishes such as rubbed bronze, legacy bronze and old bronze finish, rubbed nickel finish, black and white gold finish, white finish, steel finish, unpainted black material finish and distressed copper finish, to add to the style and elegance of the user’s home.
4. Kichler offers a warranty of one year for defects in material and workmanship.

The Kichler range of products and fixtures include Kichler outdoor lighting, Kichler under cabinet lighting, Kichler bathroom lighting, Kichler Chandeliers, Pendant lighting and Ceiling lights.


For a beautiful home, a good lighted indoor setting alone is not sufficient. A well lit exterior that brightens up you neighborhood is also required. Kichler Outdoor Lighting and fixtures transform the outdoor space around the homes with a style and design, unique to Kichler.

Kichler outdoor lighting and fixtures include the Outdoor post lanterns, the Landscape lighting system (in-ground lights, water proof lights, deck lights, and path lights), the Outdoor chandeliers, Dark sky panel sets and the simple, fluorescent and LED outdoor wall brackets.


A bathroom is the place where time is spent grooming oneself to look the best and hence, must have the right light and a good fixture. Kichler Bathroom Lighting offers a selection of modern bath and bar lights that add to the style of the bathroom.

Collections of Kichler Bathroom Lighting include

1. The Hendrick Collections, suitable for aesthetic environment, offer fixtures with a clean look. The style adopted in these fixtures is an intermediary between the modern and traditional style.
2. The Wharton Collections, a two-light bath fixture, adopts a design that is neither contemporary nor fully traditional.
3. The Structures Collection offers versatility in style and design. It has a Structures motif, has a clean look and fits in any decor.
4. The Ansonia Collection, linear and futuristic in its design, offers a range of delicate and ultra modern fixtures. It can also match with any decor.
5. A fixture with an innovative curvilinear design and dual etched linear textured glass panel, The Freeport Collection, gives a dramatic effect to light.

Another great way to provide a full bathroom lighting system is to use Kichler’s Beauty Wraps with a variety of light pendants along with the customary bath bar.


The places where lighting is difficult to reach, such as under the cabinet areas, Kichler under cabinet lighting provides a solution. The Design Pro LED Under cabinet Light and the Design Pro LED Under cabinet Disc are innovative products of Kichler Lighting. They provide gentle accent lighting under the cabinets. These under cabinet lights can be linked together and the illumination level can be adjusted. This helps to create the right mood in the room.

The Design Pro LED Under cabinet Light and the Design Pro LED Under cabinet Disc has to be configured according to the user needs. The user can opt between the LED light or the Disc and then select between dimmer switch or nightlight, the quantity and size of the inter-connect cables and the mode of power supply. Once done, the perfect Kichler under cabinet lighting system is ready.


Kichler has brought about a revolution in the lighting industry. Dedicated to customer approval, great product value and excellence in design, Kichler has emerged as one of the best companies in decorative lighting.

Celtic Wisdom: A Captivating Spiritual Legacy

The lyric melody of celtic music is captivating to the senses. At the very least, it can lift our spirits and lighten our hearts. At best, it can assist us in transcending our limitations and connecting with a higher consciousness. Music in general has the singular power to bring about an immediate attitude adjustment. For that reason, music is sacred in all spiritual traditions. Constant chatter gives way to interior reflection as the music plays. There is a spiritual component to celtic music that mirrors the essence of celtic wisdom. As music attracts and transforms us, the celtic experience of nature with fully attentive senses is also considered spiritually sacred.

To walk the hills and valleys of the earthly landscape, mindfully, is a spiritual act. In our own lives, an appreciation of the world outside the walls of our home or office offers us an opportunity to reconnect to something that is more beautiful and glorious than our usual, limited perspective of the world.

The complexity of modern life and perhaps the lure of materialism all contribute to the estrangement we often feel from our spiritual selves. We look outside of ourselves for answers or solutions and rarely consider entering the silence within.

Interior meditation is a practice embraced by several spiritual traditions and it requires that we turn away from our hectic pace to give it a try. Start by endeavoring to awaken your awareness through the simple act of stepping outside. Can you remember a moment in time when the beauty of the world took your breath away? Was it a snow-capped mountain, a sunset masterpiece or an animal in the wild? Recall how you felt during this awe-inspiring encounter.

If anything, a true perspective on life was restored and we remembered that life is a precious gift. Treat yourself to a walk very soon. Focus on whatever it is that catches your attention. Try not to think, instead quiet your mind and engage in appreciation. You may be surprised at what you learn.

The world can be a very alienating place; we need a sanctuary where we can restore our souls. For matters of personal responsibility, we need to be out in the world yet, it is equally important to step off the beaten path, still the coursing thoughts in our mind and reflect on spiritual truth.

Celtic tradition points to the connectedness of life. Not only do we affect each other through our thoughts and actions, but we affect the living earth. We all have something to offer, this is our birth right. As we look up at the stars, listen to the waves as they crash ashore and feel the sand underneath us, we are active participants in this connectedness.

We can learn from spoken truth as readily as we gain knowledge from the miracle of a seed sprouting into visible life. The old Irish saying: “isn’t the hand of a stranger, the hand of God?”; supports this notion of connectedness. Therein lies our true destiny. In this life, it is incumbent upon us to nurture our own soul growth, be of service to others and leave the little patch of earth we call home better than we found it.

However, if we are trudging along through life and ignoring the promptings of our soul, how authentic is our path? Working towards harmony within ourselves and with each other, as we acknowledge that we are part of something much larger, is the road to inner peace, and it is within our grasp. We are personally responsible for our own happiness in this life. We possess all that we need to achieve our dreams, survive day-to-day and live life to the fullest. We began to connect with this power the moment we decide to journey within our own interior silence.

We may be unable to singlehandedly end violence, pollution and discord, but we can clean up our own act. Celtic tradition tells us that ancient wisdom already exists within us. One does not have to come from a line of celts to possess this wisdom; it’s available to all.

The celtic way is but one of the paths to follow. For those of you with celtic lineage, this path may speak truth to you on a very deep level. A famous Irish Saint, St. Brigid, was known for her love for the land. By entering a sanctuary, be it outside or in the next room, we are able to examine our life, transcend our limitations and tap into that ancient wisdom within.

Dedicate this day to a new beginning in your life. Consider it an opportunity to implement a change. What self-imposed or self-imagined limitation do you wish to transcend? Build upon your self-improvement by remaining fully engaged with truth, reality and what it is you must work through to arrive at a better place. Remember, that which is worthwhile and valuable in life is not given to us – we must do the footwork and put in the time to advance ourselves on the path.

It is through the presence of balance in our life that we experience harmony. Listen to the complaints that you might speak only to yourself throughout the day; herein lie the clues to the possible extremes that keep you off balance. Clarify to yourself, what it is that constitutes your personal truth. What feels authentic? What feels strained? What would you change if you could? Contemplate your unfulfilled desires. What is holding you back? Procrastination? Time? Money? Cast aside these concepts of lack and limitation and begin, simply begin.

Release the need to be validated by the world. Step out into the open air, breathe deeply and chart your own course. Refuse to be constrained by rigid opinions; be they your own or those belonging to others.

Dare to walk in the direction of your dream as impossible as it may appear from the perspective of your present circumstances. You are not alone. Your life is connected to all there is or ever was. The path of celtic spirituality is best initiated outside, in view of the sunrise, while the leaves still cradle morning dew, like precious jewels. Begin your personal journey in touch with the beauty God has created and take it with you as you start your day.